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Lonesome Road ,  album (2022) by The VI Blues Band

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Track 1 – Fool Boy    (K. Skuse)

Track 2 – Going Back To Texas    (S. Gamble)

Track 3 – Conversation    (K. Skuse/N. Furness)

Track 4 – Boom, Boom (Out Go The Lights)    (L. Walter)

Track 5 –  Somebody Have Mercy   (S. Cooke)

Track 6 –  A Long Way Back  (K. Skuse /N. Furness)

Track 7 – I’ll Go Now   (K. Skuse)

Track 8 – The Last Bus Home   (N. Furness)

Track 9 – Lonesome Road  (K. Skuse)

Track 10 – You Can Say What You Want   (K. Skuse)

Track 11 – Secret Agent man   (P. Sloane/S. Barri)

Track 12 – The Cruelest Thing   (N. Furness)

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