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1.   Fool Boy    (K. Skuse)
2.   Going Back to Texas    (S. Gamble)
3.   Conversation    (K. Skuse/N. Furness)
4.   Boom Boom (Out Go The Lights)   (L. Walter, arr. N. Furness)
5.   Somebody Have Mercy  (S. Cooke)
6.   A Long Way back  (K. Skuse/N. Furness)
7.   I’ll Go Now  (K. Skuse)
8.     The Last Bus Home  (N. Furness)
9.     Lonesome Road   (K. Skuse)
10.  You Can Say What You Want (But It Wasn’t me)  (K. Skuse)
11. Secret Agent Man   (P. Sloane/S. Barri)
12. The Cruellest Thing  (N. Furness)

You may also download the entire album in one zip archive (93Mb) here

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