Kevin’s Page

You can click on the song names in the test to play them, or find them all on Kevin’s Music page.

Kevin says:

“After playing in a few bands at school I joined a band called Britz that played covers for weddings and other functions. The band decided to tour Europe and I left to stay in Bristol.

Next I joined Nigel to play in his blues band Bad Reputation which later became Horny Toad when we started to play original songs. After the Toads split I joined John Genge in another function band called Just for Kix playing all cover songs.

After a break from bands while my boys were young I joined a band called Dangerous Bruce that played mostly covers although I did write a theme song for the band called  Dangerous which you can hear on my music page.   Then came Psycho-Delia Smith playing covers in pubs around Bristol. Once again I write a theme song cunningly named song called Psycho-Delia Smith.   My good friend and band leader from the psycho’s sadly died of lung cancer and the band was no more.

My next band was a Pink Floyd tribute band that I named The Bristol Rock Orchestra. There were nine member of this band and since we were all working it was difficult to get everyone together at the same time so eventually that fizzled out.

I then joined Smoke and Mirrors playing heavy rock covers. One of the songs I wrote and recorded with Fred Hale from around that time is called Ahumba.

My next band was called Greenhorn where my son Yan was lead guitarist playing mostly covers with a few originals. This band is still playing around Bristol under the name The Retreats.

While in The Retreats I also played in a duo with John Genge and we played covers in and around Bristol.

I moved to Germany and decided that Germany needed a British Country & Western star. I called myself ‘Country Kev’  (Noooo! – Nigel) but didn’t play many gigs because that was when Covid hit the world. One of my country Kev songs is called Something’s Wrong – take a listen.

A recent project was an album of original songs written by myself and John Genge. We put the album on the internet and all profit goes to charity. Here is I Hate My Neighbour from Eclectasy.

My latest song writing venture is the subject of this web-site.   A blues album featuring original songs from myself, Nigel and Steve Gamble.

My current band is called Gaya and this band plays an all original music set in Germany.

Future projects include a second blues album with Nigel and hopefully with help from other friends.”