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John Genge

I started off by learning classical piano aged eleven.  Back then in the 60’s I wasn’t interested in piano as all my favourite bands were guitar based.   So I walked to school and saved my bus fare to buy a cheap guitar and taught myself.  Then the Deep Purples, Argents and Santana’s came along and rekindled the desire for keys…

Played in various band in the 1970’s and 80’s including a brief stint pro touring Germany but there was sadly no fame nor fortune awaiting there.  As for the sex, drugs and Rock n Roll…?  Well, we did a few Elvis numbers so I guess that means we managed the latter.

I met Kev in 1987 when I wanted to form a new band and he came recommended.  Since then we have played in many bands together, had a duo  which was fun and in 2021 recorded our Album “Eclectasy” together which raised good money for charity.  

Very glad that Kev and the guys gave me the opportunity to play on the album.  I so enjoy a variety of styles and this album was again something new I’d not played before.