The VI Blues Band is on YouTube!

Kevin has been very busy creating videos for his songs and has found time to do some of the VI Blues Band too.  To find links to the videos, just select “The VI Blues Band on YouTube” page from the main menu.

Lonesome Road Released

Lonesome Road is now available to listen to or download from our Play Music and Download pages.  If you would like to comment on our music, please click the comments icon (above) for this post and use the “leave a reply” link.  Thank you for dropping by!

The VI Blues Band


The VI Blues Band

The VI blues band is an international collaboration of musicians brought together by Kevin Skuse based in Germany. Playing music with a definite BritPop/Rock vibe and heavily inspired by the blues, the band consists of Kevin on bass, guitar, drums and vocals and UK-based guitarist Nigel Furness. Kevin and Nigel have known each other for over thirty years though have not worked together since the late 1980s. Both played extensively around the live music circuit south-west of the UK throughout the 1990s but their paths rarely crossed. By chance Kevin ‘rediscovered’ Nigel on an internet forum site and the idea of the VI Blues Band took shape, resulting in a new album, Lonesome Road, consisting of mostly of original songs along with some tributes to inspirational Bluesmen of the past, with their own versions of songs by Willie Dixon, Little Walter and the great Sam Cooke.

Lonesome Road includes contributions from keyboard player John Genge and Steven Gamble on vocals and harmonica.

Due to the physical distance separating those involved, the entire recording and production process has been done digitally over the Internet. The album was produced and engineered entirely by Kevin Skuse at his studio near Hanover.



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