Nigel’s music…

I’ve never been ashamed of the fact that I love three-minute pop songs and am always willing to have a go at a good cover version.

Fifty years of attempting to correctly play  Apache  (released by The Shadows in 1961)  resulted in this version, new for 2024:

Download Apache (Jerry Lordan)

Here is my interpretation of From A Jack To a King, a lovely old country song written by Ned Miller.  Covered by many artists from Elvis to Francis Rossi, I hope you like our version.  Steve Gamble on vocals, my brother James Furness on drums and mixing desk and me on guitars and bass.  I’m hoping to do more as time allows…

Download From a Jack To A King (Ned Miller)

My first successful writing collaboration was with poet and long-time friend Nigel Kingscott produced this song, recorded in 1980, called Situations 

I met the late Barry (“Baz The Bass”) Gidden in 1974.   A highly talented and capable musician, he expertly played guitar, bass, drums, penny whistle and keyboards.   We wrote a number of songs – he called them tunes – together over the years, mostly short instrumentals.  Here is Cool Plate from 1997, notable for being our first completely digital recording.  I’m playing  guitar, Baz is playing everything else!

In 1993, I was in The Paradise Club with a group of highly talented musicians. We recorded a few live performances and studio recordings to make three CD albums.  This is a live recording of Huey Lewis’s Hip To Be Square, one of my favourites in our set of soul and R’n’B covers.

The last working band I played in was called Crossfire.
Here we are with a  1994 studio recording of vocalist Paul Jameson’s song This Boy’s Blue,


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